The Burton's

1371 83rd Street
New Richmond, WI 54017
(715) 246-9950
(715) 222-5655 (Jeff's cell)
(715) 222-5657 (Lisa's cell)

Text Directions

Step Description Landmarks
1 Take Exit 4 from I-94, and go north (left) on Highway 12. Large truckstop.
2 Turn left on County U, which quickly turns into County A after the railroad tracks. Right after you turn you will see the large Nor-Lake factory on your right.
3 Continue north on A, until you reach the junction with County E. Turn right on County E. You will pass (in this order) the entrance to Willow River State Park, the village of Burkhardt, and a bridge over the Willow River.
4 After a short distance, County A and E will diverge. Take A to the left.  
5 Turn left on 80th street, which appears almost immediately after E & A split.  
6 Continue north on 80th street until you come to a "t" in the road. Turn right here. There is a cut-off to the right that might confuse you. If you take the cut-off, you will not come to the "t." A pond on the left side of the road.
7 This road will make a left hand turn (to the north), and become 83rd street. Continue until you see the black mailbox on the right next to a concrete driveway. The fire number says 1371. There will be large hill looming on your right. We live on the side of the hill (the beige, stucco house visible above the pines).